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AA Car Loan

If you are looking for a bunch of financial service products go to AA. It offers insurance, loans, breakdown cover, credit cards etc.

AA Car Loans are a specialty as they offer 6 months Car Warranty. The amount of loan varies from £5,000 to £25,000 which can be paid back within 2 and 7 years in fixed monthly installments. The application is available online and AA decides within minutes about the loan. There is a repayment holiday of 3 months before the first payment; interest is charged from the start of the loan itself. Loan repayments can be protected with Creditcare.

Car Warranty comes along with the loan agreement. Once the Car Loan is finalized you will receive a voucher of Car warranty which is free for six months. The warranty should be redeemed within 28 days of receipt of Loan cheque. The offer document gives all the details of the loan.

Loan Funds are transferred after receiving all the signed loan documents. It takes up to three days for the cheque to clear. Car Loans are provided by Automobile Association Personal Finance Ltd based on the status of permanent employment.

Benefits offered by AA will attract any car owner to avail this loan. Avail the loan and enjoy the benefits.