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ASDA Pet Insurance

ASDA Financial Services offers a range of financial products. There Insurance Sector offers Car Insurance, Van Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance and Over 50s Cover.

ASDA realizes the value of pets, as they the much-loved part of your family. The Value Cover available for the pets when they fall ill or are injured. ASDA also helps with Veterinary Bills, medicines and Consultations Fees.

There are some terms to follow when taking ASDA Pet Insurance. The pet should be between the ages of 8 weeks to 8 years (5 years in cases of some breeds of dogs).

The benefits offered by ASDA Pet Insurance are varied. £1,500 is available towards Veterinary Bills during illness or injury of Pets. They cover for X-rays, medicines, surgery and nursing care of the pets. The additional benefits in the Vet Bill Cover are to £3,500, third party liability or pet travel insurance.

Making a Claim for ASDA Pet Insurance is very easy. You can download the appropriate claim form from ASDA website and complete it along with your veterinarian and submit the same along with insurance certificate. ASDA completes the process of claims within a day.

Rely on ASDA to get the best for the pet you love. Let her sufferings not be a pain to you anymore as you have ASDA Pet Insurance with you.