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Accepted Home Loans

Accepted loans is the way to search for loans plans numbering more than 200 from leading lending firms in the market. The companies are Firstplus, Accepted, E-loan, Netloans, Ocean Finance, Promise Finance, and Welcome Finance. Accepted Loans do no charge fees, do not carry out Credit checks or run obligation service.

Accepted Loans caters only to home loans. They cash on the customers lack of time to search for a good home loan. They are a consumer tool. Homeowners can easily apply for loans through this website. They can search among the several Finance companies which offer the loans and select the best for them. This website is better than Banks websites because there is no promotion or cajoling of customers done on this website. Instead Accepted searches the various loan offers and selects the best one for the customer.

There are three steps involved in finding a good home loan. First the user must fill in the personal data form, then Accepted searches through the 100 personal loans plans available from 12 leading financial services organizations. Finally Accepted sends the user information about the home loan and paperwork to apply for the loan.

They can apply for loans even if they have mortgage arrears, CCJs or adverse credit. The range of loans is from £7,500 and £250,000. Borrowing of up to 125% on the value of your home is available. There is a 13.9% APR Typical Variable.

Accepted Home Loans is the best way to look for home loans.