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Asda Finance Home Loans

Supermarket chains diversifying into Finance is common and ASDA is the leading super market chain which has diversified into financial services with many products.

ASDA Finance is the largest subsidiary of Wal Mart operating from United Kingdom. ASDA has a chain of supermarkets operating in United Kingdom. The leap into financial services comes following the footsteps of Tesco, Sainsbury etc.

ASDA offers products like Insurance which is provided by Norwich Union, Credit Cards provided by GE and loans provided by the Funding Corporation.

The company’s director believes that responsibility in the products is necessary. They are trying to bring down the rates of loans. In house loan they charge only one per cent commission and Insurance rates were brought down by 10%.

ASDA Loans are approved within 48 hours of submitting the application. They work from Monday to Wednesday leaving out Bank Holidays from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. On approval of the loan cash is delivered within 48 hours in person otherwise it is delivered by courier with charges payable by the applicant. Courier service is charged and proof of identity must be given to the courier person.

The other products are home insurance, travel insurance and pet insurance. ASDA is a leader in these products and tries to give the customer the best.