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  • Finance >> Car Insurance >> Barclays Car Insurance

    Barclays Car Insurance

    Barclays car insurance is one of the major insurance providers in United Kingdom. The company belongs to one of the oldest banks named Barclays. They offer innovative range of insurance products with new approach. This company has vast experience of more than 100 years of insurance market, which helps customers to get best deals. It has introduced several new concepts in country such as credit card, personal banking and cash machine for first time. They offer world class customer services through 182 branches, and eminent staff all over nation. To avail great deal, check entire range of insurance products offered by the company.

    Barclays car insurance provides many advantages to guarantee the protection of policy holders. Comprehensive cover offers new car, if it is written off as well as was less than 12 months old. A courtesy car benefit is included as standard, in case if your car is in garage for repair or servicing. Barclays Car Insurance cover offers accident recovery service as well as replacements of locks for loss of keys. The policy holder will get replacements for broken windows and windscreen. You will get no claims discount up to maximum seventy percent. The company provides quality repairs for three years with its every policy. You will get completely cleaned car after repairs.

    Barclays car insurance provides third party insurance with many advantages. This cover includes legal liability for injury or death of other person including passengers. Cover for damage to other person’s property is also included in policy. You will get cover for damages due to fire and theft by paying very less additional premium. The policy can be arranged quickly and easily through the phone. This Insurance company offers certain discount for online purchase of the policy. Claims lines are open round the clock. They offer broad coverage for policy holders at cheap prices for both on and off the road damages for peace of mind.

    Barclays plc is one of the major global providers of Financial services and operates through their subsidiary Barclays Bank PLC. They are the 18th biggest company in world rankings by Forbes Global 2000. As a provider of Financial Services, they are ranked fourth in global rankings by Tier 1 capital and 10th on the basis of market capitalization and third in United Kingdom. Barclays headquarters is at Canary Wharf in Docklands of London.

    Barclays Car Insurance Coverage
    Product Features Coverage
    New Car Replacement Yes
    Personal belongings £150
    Child car seat Yes
    Loss of keys unlimited
    Maximum free foreign days 0 days
    Guaranteed no claims discount No
    Rescue cover service
    Transport after accident Yes
    Courtesy car optional
    Enhanced courtesy car optional

    It belongs among the older banks, with its roots beginning in 17th century. In 1690, Thomas Gould together with John Freame started as Goldsmith Bankers. After joining with nineteen banking businesses in private sector, formed joint-stock bank in the name Barclay and Company Limited, also called Quaker Bank with 182 branches. Besides they took over Bolithos Bank, located in South-Western England, United Counties Bank from Midlands and amalgamated with Provincial, London and the South Western Bank in 1918 to become one among the top five banks of UK.

    Barclays Bank went international after merging with three other banks namely Colonial Bank, National Bank in South Africa and Anglo Egyptian Bank, enabling them to spread out in Middle East, West Indies and Africa. They had introduced several novel concepts in UK like the launch of credit card, cash machine and Personal Bankers for the first time. They continued to innovate by introducing telephone banking, online banking and customized services. The company is continuing to grow by acquiring, merging & forming strategic alliances with multitude of companies. Their financial services offer not only banking facilities, but also many insurance products including Barclays Car Insurance.

    Features of Barclays Car Insurance:

    Since there is compulsory law to have car insurance, Barclays have provided many advantages to ensure the protection of insurers. Barclays Car Insurance gives protection not only for the car, but also for insurers as well. If a policy is bought online, you get a discount of 10 percent. They provide insurance at competitive prices. The two types of Barclays Car Insurance available are third party car insurance for fire and theft and comprehensive car cover. The third party car insurance for fire and theft provides you cover for death and injury to you and others and also for the damage caused by you to others during accident. It also gives cover for damage from fire or if the car is stolen. Comprehensive car insurance provides all the benefits from third party Car Insurance for fire and theft and additionally pays damage incurred by car in the accident and also medical expenses for people injured in it.

    Barclays Car Insurance can be arranged easily as well as quickly through phone. They also provide cover for personal effects, windscreen and replacement locks for a maximum amount of £150 along with Barclays Car Insurance. Their helpline is operational year round without any breaks and they also give legal advice. No claims discount is up to a maximum of 70 percent. For three years, quality repairs will have full guarantee. Before car is returned, it will be cleaned up completely. You can get breakdown cover. For extra premium, they provide courtesy car and European cover.