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Breakdown Cover

During winter season the major setback with cars are the unexpected breakdowns. Although, motorists get regular servicing and required repairs, the vehicles have a weird tendency to breakdown while one is away from home, on work or travel. And, in such a situation, the best means to get the required assistance is through a roadside rescue policy or Breakdown Cover.

Compare Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover Levels
AA Roadside                   Upto 34% £29.00 onwards
AA Roadside,Home Start                   Upto 34% £66.75 onwards
AA Roadside,Relay                   Upto 34% £72.00 onwards
AA Roadside, Relay plus                   Upto 34% £98.25 onwards
AA Roadside, Relay, Home Start                   Upto 34% £105.75 onwards
AA Roadside, Relay plus, Home Start                   Upto 34% £132.00 onwards
RAC Roadside                   25% £33.00 onwards
RAC Solution 1                   25% £69.00 onwards
RAC Solution 2                   25% £75.00 onwards
RAC Solution 3                   25% £102.00 onwards
RAC Solution 4                   25% £128.25 onwards
Green Flag Rescue                   Upto 15% £23.10 Onwards
Green Flag Rescue Plus                   Upto 15% £39.90 Onwards
Green Flag Recovery                   Upto 20% £43.05 Onwards
Green Flag Recovery Plus                   Upto 25% £56.70 Onwards
Green Flag Euro Plus                   Upto 25% £103.95 Onwards

Even in case of accidents, these insurance covers are quite useful. The losses covered under this insurance may also include damage to possessions inside your car, travel expenses incurred while your car is being repaired and compensation for injuries.

There are many insurance covers available in the market and which can definitely help you in case of emergency.

Types of Breakdown Cover:

Roadside Rescue:

This insurance cover helps in getting the required assistance when a car encounters with breakdown while travelling. Under Breakdown Cover, the car will be towed to the nearest garage and if required, the company will provide free labour to repair the stranded car. However, a maximum of 60 minutes service would be provided to fix any mechanical or electrical faults. But, the cover does not provide any help if, the car breaks down in your homes or within a specified radius of your home.

Roadside Rescue and Home Rescue:

This provides cover for breakdown both inside and outside the house. And, if required the vehicle may even be towed to a local garage, of your choice.

Roadside Rescue and Recovery Plus:

The benefits of this cover are varied and many. It provides the benefits of the above two Roadside rescue and Home Rescue cover along with a hire car, to continue the journey or reach home. That is, an alternative transport which is cost effective will be provided to go back home or continue the journey. Also, provides accommodation at a hotel in case the car breakdowns at a place far away from home.

European Rescue:

In case, you are travelling by your car to Europe, you can consider taking this policy. The benefits covered by this policy are many. The company pays for cost of returning the car to your home if, it is stolen. The Breakdown Cover also facilitates return of the vehicle to your home in case, it cannot be driven back. Legal cover and payment for replacement of its parts if, they are not available in the country you are travelling. When a Car Insurance claim is made first your case is referred to a solicitor or a “paralegal”. In case of accidents the policy cannot be recovered unless the other party is no less than at half fault. In case of serious injuries your solicitor can claim expenses even if, the other party is at a minimum fault.

Insurance policies should be purchased carefully. Always read the insurance document thoroughly before signing it. It is safe to include the Breakdown Cover along with your car policy. Always, deal with a leading insurance company as their recovery network is large and we can be assured of getting immediate help.

Whatever said and done, prevention is better than cure. Always check and ensure your car is in a running condition. Do the repairs as soon as they occur and never leave it to amalgamate into a larger problem, which can pose a threat to your life.

Types of Breakdown Cover

As there has been rapid development in the breakdown recovery market in the last few years, the earlier image of oily pickup recovery truck has disappeared, a long while back. With the incorporation of new and advanced technology, it has now achieved a never before speed during call out occasions. The breakdown providers compete as never before, aimed at giving customer delight.

Comparison of Various Covers

There has been immense rise in the variety of Breakdown Cover level such as the roadside cover, simple recovery, home restart (call out) cover, extra cover, repair cover, vehicle cover, personal cover, no claim discount, online discount and the European wide latest breakdown cover. Now days, quotes can be very easily accessed, as most of the important insurance companies provide continuous round the clock online quote system for comprehensive breakdown recovery and to get quotes for particular needs. Whatever the circumstances you are in help is very close, at all time for each and every day.

The couple of covers available include
  • Standard Breakdown Cover (for Straight Payment)
  • Pay and Reclaim Breakdown Cover
Standard Breakdown Cover

Since customers find breakdown insurance of this kind very expedient, many insurance companies provide it. For getting the Breakdown Cover, you make a straight payment annually and when necessity arises you get call out service, without any charge during the period of subscription. The extent of complimentary services is contingent on your chosen cover level. Usually, their company patrols are utilized by most breakdown companies, but contract is given to nearby recovery services under certain situations.

You need to often mull over the type of breakdown cover you require, whether it is personal or vehicle based. If it is inside the insurance company’s conditions, you will receive coverage from personal cover, for any type of car. It is preferred by AA, as well as RAC, nevertheless personal cover is provided as a choice. Although vehicle based breakdown insurance can cost little, to insure older vehicles it is more expensive. It is the only cover provided by Green Flag. On the other hand, More Than offer a combination of personal and vehicle cover for customizing their policies to suit the requirements of customers like the age of the driver being neither too old nor too young or if the car is new.

Many insurance companies including AA, Green Flag, RAC and many of the other popular companies provide this kind of cover for vehicle insurance and are preferred by many as it saves a lot of aggravation.

Pay on Call Out

This breakdown cover is the cheapest with two major distinctions from any standard policy like:
  • Due to lack of their own patrols, nearby breakdown services are contracted.
  • It is necessary to make payments to these services and then dispatch the receipts to your insurance company for recouping the money.
On the occasion that you are without money, the company will make sure that the local provider receive their payment through the debit/credit card or will soon after invoice you.

Selection of the Type of Cover

You will get the same cover level from both options and will give you equal call-out times of around 40 minutes. The crucial determinant element is its price and its convenience level. For getting service that is free from any aggravation select the main breakdown providers. Nevertheless, if you choose to have dealings with the nearby operators and have no difficulty in using the service by paying and then recovering the money thereafter, pay on call out option is an appropriate choice for you.

The pay on call out services will save you relatively bigger amounts than the AA, RAC, Green Flag offerings. Then again, the online discounts, as well as the special offers reduce the price gap with the advantage of being a service with no stress.

Comparison of Breakdown Terms

Since the services of different breakdown companies vary somewhat, you might find it a little hard to make comparisons of different Breakdown Covers. All of them have their individual terms for the offered products, nonetheless the four major options by all of them are:
  • Roadside Rescue
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Home Restart (Call Out)
  • Extra Cover
Roadside Rescue

For all type of breakdown policies there is breakdown cover. If breakdown occurs some distance from home, it will be fixed on the roadside itself by someone send by the breakdown company. If it is not possible to repair the vehicle, it has to be taken to the closest garage by towing. There is provision of free labour for a maximum of one hour in the policy; nevertheless, it does not include the cost of the replacement parts.

Vehicle Recovery

If it is not possible to repair the car on the roadside itself, the provision of breakdown recovery of your car covers the transportation of the car, along with all its occupants to anywhere you want inside the UK mainland.

Home Restart (Call Out)

If your car happens to break down at a particular distance from your house or at the house itself, this option will give cover, in case it is not covered in roadside rescue.

Extra Cover

Extra cover is different for different breakdown companies and can include:
  • Replacement car or substitute transport forms for returning to your house or to go on with your trip.
  • B & B accommodation for the duration of repairs (this provision is available only beyond a particular distance from your house)
  • Transportation expenses for getting back your vehicle.
  • Substitute driver for driving your vehicle so as to reach your destination (on the occasion of the sole driver being ill or if injured).
For discovering how other companies favour in comparison please go through our compare Breakdown Cover page and to find out more about what every company provides, check The AA, RAC, Green Flag, Norwich Union, Churchill Insurance, More Than, Endsleigh Insurance, Auto national Insurance, GEM Breakdown Cover, ETA Breakdown Cover.

Aspects Covered by Breakdown Insurance

Roadside Cover (Basic Cover)
  • If your vehicle happens to break down from a certain fixed distance from your house like ¼ mile and even up to a distance of 1 mile for some policies, roadside help is offered.
  • If possible, your car will be repaired on the spot itself within a fixed time (this can be for a maximum of one hour, for a number of companies).
  • Free call out service
  • If necessary, taking the vehicle to the nearby garage by towing.
  • For some companies, there is a messaging service without any charge for providing information about the progress or for letting your family or any friends know of your break down.
Vehicle Recovery
  • Vehicle recovery to wherever you want to go inside the UK mainland, usually if there are any trailer/caravan, it will be included depending on its weight and its size.
  • Courtesy transportation for you and a certain number of other occupants to your required destination (it can be around seven passengers including the driver or maximum vehicle capacity allowed by the law).
  • To a particular destination there will be recovery, in the case of the driver getting ill on the trip and in the event of absence of other drivers.
Home Restart (Call Out)

If there is no provision in roadside rescue for your car breaking down inside a limited distance from home or at home itself, it is covered in this option.

Extra Cover

The extra cover is different for different Breakdown companies. This includes often provision for continuing the trip and it can be as:
  • Replacement car, sometimes for rent or substitute transport forms for further travel.
  • When necessary, there is option for insurance to rent a car.
  • Substitute transportation expenses up to a certain limit.
  • Accommodation in hotels in the case of you getting stranded due to repairs (duration for such stays and the lodging expenses until the car is repaired is fixed to a particular limit).
Elements Not Covered In Breakdown Insurance Cover

It is essential to check the aspects not covered while selecting the breakdown insurance. These can be:
  • Replacement parts
  • Cost of labour exceeding a specific fixed limit.
  • Over the limit claims (For instance, market car value)
  • After accident, the option for recovery, not even to the nearby garage.
  • Claims, if you go beyond a fixed mileage limit specified in your policy.
  • Claims when you have not gone through the right procedures (For instance, expenses, labour or services done without permission).
  • No provision for transportation of animals like livestock, horses or any such animals other than for petite domestic pets according to their patrol discrimination.
  • Calls for Breakdown service may not possibly be covered on the instance that previously you have made call out for an akin fault for this particular vehicle, a short while ago.
  • There can be a fixed number for call outs in your policy and if you happen to exceed the specified amount, you may end up paying more.
  • In the case of vehicles, usually many policies may cover the trailer/caravan having a maximum weight, as well as size limit, but if your caravan/trailer happens to break down, it will not be covered.