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  • Finance >> Car Insurance >> Adrian Flux Car Insurance

    Adrian Flux Car Insurance

    Adrian Flux Insurance Company is UK’s leading insurance provider that was established in 1973 in King’s Lynn. This company caters insurance for all types of cars, which include vintage, classic cars as well as specially designed sport cars. The rates applied by the company are very low. The need of every policy holder is served in a better way. However, the premium for specialist car is comparatively higher. Specific departments are available in the company for each car type to cater the need of every individual.

    Adrian Flux Car Insurance provides discount on the different category of the drivers, which includes mature drivers, young drivers, convicted drivers and female drivers. The insurance policies of the company have been made for each class of driver. However, the product need of each type of driver is different and hence drivers have to choose the products which can suit their requirements. Adrian Flux Car Insurance should also match their affordability as well as preferences. The efficient and experienced staff of the company will be guiding you at each step. The enthusiastic and dedicated employees of the company work hard to meet customer’s requirements.

    Adrian Flux Car Insurance caters comprehensive policy, third party only policy and third party fire and theft policy. Every individual policy holder has to calculate his own risk, and select the policy which suits his needs exactly. Policy holder has to verify the quotations before buying the policy to get the surety about the rate details. The company has ranked high in low pricing stake and is also recognised for its quality products. The products available with the company includes classic car insurance, modified car insurance, woman car insurance, young driver car insurance and many more products. All the available products are designed to suit everyone’s affordability. Hence, by selecting Adrian Flux Car Insurance products you can save considerable amount on the premiums.

    Adrian Flux Insurance Company was founded in the year 1973 in King Street, King’s Lynn. It is the UK’s leading motor insurance provider, offering a comprehensive range of car insurance products. Adrian Flux is otherwise called specialist Car Insurance provider. Adrian Flux Car Insurance provide insurance for all types of special cars ranging from vintage and classic cars to heavily modified sports cars. All this at special low rates that suits the policy holders’ needs.

    The premium for insurance policy of specialist cars is high. At Adrian Flux, there are specific departments for each category of cars like classic cars, kit cars, hot hatches, performance cars, modified cars, grey import cars, US Cars etc. These departments are staffed with trained underwriters who have expert knowledge on the premium calculation. The call centres are located all across the United Kingdom and hence the staffs are very knowledgeable about the various types of cars and models.

    Adrian Flux Car Insurance also provides various discounts for young drivers, mature drivers, female drivers and convicted drivers. The policies for these sectors are not tailor made but flexible to suit each individual’s specific requirements. The policy holder can choose from the range of products available with the company offered by the panel of 40 insurers.

    The types of policy covers available are comprehensive policy, third party (fire and theft) and third party only policy. The insurance underwriters at the company help each individual customer by assisting them in calculating their risk and getting quotations suited to their needs. Hence the policy holder can be sure that he is getting the best deal from Adrian Flux.

    Day by day, Adrian Flux is gripping its hold in the insurance market, and in 2007, it was ranked for low pricing stakes. It has been acclaimed for offering quality and cheaper cover for modified cars and classics. Adrian Flux caters the broadest range of covers for the motoring enthusiast. It provides the well trained and knowledgeable insurers who assist in selecting the suitable insurance packages as per your needs and requirements.

    Adrian Flux is the most appropriate place for buying Car Insurance as it offers a plethora of specialist insurance schemes to match your preferences and affordability. You can get the most competitive premiums and many other advantages such as legal cover, breakdown cover, discounted policies and lot more.

    The extensive and efficient staff of Adrian Flux company is behind they success and high-performance. They work with full dedication and enthusiasm to satisfy all the customer needs. Adrian Flux offers insurance policies to all segments of people. The various car insurance products include but are not limited to young driver car insurance, performance car insurance, classic car insurance, Landlords car insurance, convicted drivers, woman car insurance, scooter insurance, modified car insurance and many more. Opt for Adrian Flux Car Insurance and save big on your premiums.

    by Chris Sanderson Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2007
    I have been renewing my Car Insurance policy since the past 4 years with Adrian Flux however it was only in October that I had filed a claim with them when another car hit me from at the back. I had immediately contacted their claims department and I was looked after with courtesy. Their customer service was surprisingly good. I was also provided with a car to use free of cost until my car was repaired. I am very satisfied with their customer service.