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Direct Line Pet Insurance

Direct Line is a success story on its own. It started in 1985 with only Home insurance as its product later diversified into with a wide range of products and services. Presently there are around 5 million loyal policy holders with Direct Line. It has earned a name in the insurance sector with its range of products from travel insurance, home insurance to pet insurance.

Direct Line has some conditions for pet insurance. Direct Line does not include working animals and dangerous dogs under its Pet Insurance. The pet should be in good health from the start date of the policy. Pet should be aged between 8 weeks up to 9 years (For some animals only 6 years) and the owner should reside in UK.

Direct Line provides facilities for insurance of pet owners in a variety of ways. Owners who insure more than one pet will be given a discount of 10%. Policyholders will get free membership in “The Missing Pets Bureau’. It also offers option of paying pet insurance directly to the policyholder veterinarian. The policy has different covers and there is no restriction on the number times claims are made. If Direct Line Pet Insurance policyholder is hospitalized then Direct Line will pay up to £1000 towards boarding costs of the pet.

Direct Line Insurance is very flexible in its options of Pet Insurance. Pet Owners will find Direct Line’s Insurance very much to their choice.