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Exotic Pet Insurance

Exotic are specialists in insuring exotic animals. Exotic has an understanding of animals and animal lovers. Exotics clients are all satisfied customers.

Exotic Pet insurance caters to animals ranging from birds like eagles, vultures, owls and animals like pot bellied pigs, pygmy goats and rats, mouse, rabbits, snakes, tortoise and turtle.

Exotic staff is equally caring and empathetic like their client pet owners. They deal with claims in a fast and sympathetic manner. Claims can be made through phone or online.

Exotics offers varied benefits to its policy holders. Exotic would pay Veterinary fees for treatment of illness to the pet owners. This fees would not be paid if the pet had some pre existing disease or the pet fell ill before completion of 14 days of start of the policy. Exotic also pays on death of the pet within one year of the policy and after 30 days of expiry of the policy. To get the claim the policy holder has to produce a death certificate. Exotic may pay according to the present market value of the pet or the sum insured. Exotic also pays theft of pet or death due to fire, water, storm, etc. This cover is available for pet housing also.

Claims can be made by phone or through email. The Exotic Pet Insurance claim form is available on the website for the clientÂ’s use.

Exotic is exotic in its offers to valued customers. If you are interested in rearing Exotic pets be sure that Exotic is there to help you.