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Halifax Car Loan

Halifax was founded in 1852 and in 2001 it merged with Bank of Scotland to become a part of the HBOS Group. The group has more than 22 million customers and over 60,000 employees. They are the largest mortgage and savings providers in UK. Halifax products include banking investment, home insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, life insurance, critical illness insurance and pet insurance, loans and first time mortgage loans.

Halifax is in the process of advertising their loans. The loans rates are highly competitive. Hence Halifax has become the highest mortgage loan lender and also has a chain of estate agents.

Car Loan customers can borrow from £7,000 and £25,000 to purchase a new vehicle. There is a repayment period from 2 to 7 years. The applications can be submitted online and quotes can be received online. The interest rates are fixed and competitive and additional benefits like payment protection are also available.

For those with bad credit history, loans are available if they have a less than half perfect credit history. You can compare the loans rates with other lenders using Car Loan calculator.

So anyone looking out for a new car and has no finance can go to Halifax and get the deal done. Enjoy the pleasure of driving a new car with Halifax Car Loans.