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  • Finance >> Car Insurance >> Hastings Direct Car Insurance

    Hastings Direct Car Insurance

    Hastings car insurance company has three main contact centres in U.K for car insurance and home insurance. The insurance company started car insurance in 1997. This company is voted as fifth largest personal insurance player in United Kingdom by Insurance Times. In year 2004 and 2005, Hastings car insurance was voted as cheapest insurance providers by a financial research company known as Consumer Intelligence. In 2005, the company started showing advertisement on terrestrial and satellite televisions. All these strategies helped in increasing awareness and interest amongst policy holders. This strategy also helped in defining the status of the company. In 2006 Insurance Australia Group (IAG) acquired Hasting Direct Car Insurance. The company is in partnership with the leading insurance panel in United Kingdom; therefore, the online insurance charges are competitive and at most reasonable prices among the peers.

    This insurance providing company provides world class service in terms of quick settlement of claims and excellent customer relationship. The company customizes the insurance policy according to the costumer’s needs. Hastings Direct Car Insurance company provides affordable policies for every income group of people. The costumers who go for comprehensive car insurance get many benefits like car replacement if the policy holder’s car is under servicing, legal protection, no claim discount and breakdown cover. The policy holder gets best quality products with premium services.

    Hastings car insurance provides car insurance for all range of cars; let it be new cars, old cars, and classic cars. The company consists of the committee of insurers. These insurers help each and every customer in the process of choosing an Insurance policy which is suitable according to the customer’s need matching with their income. This company being a provider of car insurance with the highly competitive prices is also aligned with leading insurance providers of United Kingdom.

    According to Insurance Times, UK, Hastings Direct Car Insurance is the fifth largest personal Insurance player in the country. The company started Car Insurance in 1997 and has three main contact centres in United Kingdom providing car insurance, home insurance through phone and the internet. The other products include home insurance, motor insurance and breakdown insurance.

    Hastings Direct has aligned with some of the leading insurance providers of UK to offer competitive priced Hastings Direct Car Insurance policies with world class customer services. Hastings was acquired by Insurance Australia Group (IAG) in September 2006. This acquisition by one of Australia’s largest insurance group has spelt long term security for customers and staff of the company.

    Consumer Intelligence, a financial research company has named Hastings Car Insurance as one of the cheapest insurance providers during the years 2004, 2005. Hastings TV Advertisements started in July 2005 through a 30 second advertisement which was shown on terrestrial and satellite television. This helped create more awareness and interest in the policy holders and could generate more calls as it helped raise the overall status of the company.

    Hastings provides Car Insurance to new cars, old cars and classic cars. The insurance charges are at very competitive online prices. This is due the partnership the company has with leading Insurance panel in the United Kingdom. The company also offers a range of benefits and options to choose from. The policy holder can choose the benefits and customize the insurance to suit his needs. All this is done without cutting down on the cover.

    A panel of insurers assists the individuals in choosing the suitable insurance policy according to their requirements. Hastings Direct is a part of Hastings Insurance Services Limited which is based in UK. It was established in 1997 with a motive to offer private car insurance later, Hastings Direct broadened its product line by including various insurance products like home and motorcycle insurance, other add-ons like motor breakdown cover.

    They provide affordable Hastings Direct Car Insurance policies to all segments of people such as 60 years plus, women only or safe drivers. Those who opt for comprehensive car insurance policy can be guaranteed of availing many benefits like No claim discount of up to 70%, car replacement in case your is under servicing at an approved repairer along with breakdown cover and legal protection. You can be assured of getting supreme quality products along with premium services.

    Hastings is a perfect choice for those looking for competitive prices in Car Insurance.