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I-phone insurance

Mobile phone, I-Pod and wire-less Internet service all put together are nothing but Apple’s I-phone. Apple is known for providing innumerable services and products like Mac books, note books, lap tops, I-pods and many more electronic gadgets. Techno lovers from all over the world were enthused when Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of Apple announced the introduction of I-phone. It is a revolutionary mobile phone that can play movies, make calls, edit photos, navigate the web, play music, 3.5 inch multi touch screen that manipulates the items on the screen with two finger touches, wire less internet access, 2-mega pixel digital camera and has many other features in to its credit that makes it the best. At present there are four kinds of I-phones namely I-phone, I-phone 3G, I-phone 3GS, I-phone 4. All these products are available at effective prices from the company and in case of any tribulations; the company’s customer service is available 24/7 to save you.

Apple I-Phone insurance offers protection from damage or theft for its I-phones that help their users in many ways. In the recent times, the extent of theft has become very large and thus it is very important for you to insure the I-phone and save yourself. According to a survey in USA, yearly 1.3 million thefts are occurring while traveling in public transport system or due to negligence of the users or. A single drop of water when spilled or fallen by mistake on the screen of your I-phone will damage I-phone and thus leaves you in a confused state. It is estimated that nearly 1.2 million I-phone users undergo this situation and regret for that. So, it is right time for you to think and get insured with the I-phone insurance that can save you from threats.

Most of the companies offer insurance for I-phones at a low premium. This cover policy safe guards from theft, accidental damage, water damage, fraudulent call cover, break down cover in case the I-phone develops any mechanical or electrical blunder out of the manufacturer’s assurance, 48 hour claim services, International cover and extended warranty. While offering the insurance most of the companies ask for proof of purchase, then at that time you can show them the receipt or invoice of the product and the documentation of the product in case if you have received it in a contract basis. This will help you in getting your I-phone insured.

There are many companies that offer insurance based on monthly pay premium and Annual pay premium policy. There are many benefits with Annual premium policy such as discount in the premium amount and many more. Also you can download free quotes from the authorized site of the company and comparing it with other online sites will help you in finding the best deal. The companies offer online transactions as well as offline transaction for making the Insurance. It is very important to read thoroughly the insurance policy of the company before getting insured. You can consult the insurance experts of the company in case if you don’t understand any terms in the insurance booklet. Apple I-phone insurance offers special packages for the I-phone users with enthusiastic offers. So, get to know all these and insure your I-phone for a better communication.