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Laptop guard

It doesn’t matter that for which reason you use laptop, but laptop without insurance will create major inconvenience for the future. Laptop has great value in second hand market; hence it is common target of thieves. Hence to protecting laptop from theft and other damages becomes very necessary for the users. Laptop guard saves you from financial losses and provides extensive coverage for your laptop. Today you can find lot of options for this type of insurance policy in the market. Major insurance companies now offer exclusive deals at very reasonable prices because of vast competition in the insurance market. You can choose any policy as per your requirement and budget. Easy mode of payment and great discount are some basic features of this type of insurance plan. This insurance policy is also beneficial for those owner who posses more than one laptop, because they can insure up to five laptops in single policy.

Laptop guard protects your laptop form accidental damages, fire, theft, loss, and flood, act of vandalism and liquid submersions. You will get coverage for screen against scratches or crack with this insurance policy. Theft coverage is for all places such as home, car or any other place. Because of worldwide coverage you can carry you laptop without worry at any place. Theft or loss coverage is the basic need of student and business persons because they have to travel to other places due to education and profession. Other most important coverage is from water damages because this type of damage is very common and damage laptop up to great extent. You will get replacement in case of loss or theft within 48 hours from the complaint. If damage is beyond the repair stage, then you will get new laptop as replacement instead of repair. All repair work is cost free and includes manufacturer’s defect also.

You will also get repair for mechanical or electrical breakdown in free. All repair work is done within five days from the date of complaint and if this period is over, you will be provided with stand by laptop till you will get your laptop. Once you fill necessary information and submit related documents, you Insurance policy immediately comes in place. All claims are settled quickly with efficient process, but you will not get cash as the part of settlement. Make extensive search for finding best deal for your laptop at best price.