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Laptop Insurance FAQs

1). Why is Laptop Insurance necessary?

Laptops are still very costly due to continuously changing technology. It is quite vulnerable as laptop owners would take it to different places due to the convenience and mobility. The laptop insurance covers the laptop against all the damages caused due to drop, liquid spilling or any other such damage. Hence, laptop insurance is necessary for protecting your monetary damages.

2). Who require laptop insurance?

The students, corporate or any other person that possess laptop must opt for the laptop insurance as though it will not save the loss of data but atleast arrange for the funds in case of loss or theft of laptop.

3). Where can we find the right laptop insurance policy?

There are many companies that provide the best Laptop insurance policies. You can check the websites of these insurance companies or also get the online quotes from these websites to get the best available policy in the industry.

4). What should the right laptop insurance policy cover?

The right laptop insurance policy must cover all type of damages caused either by accident or theft. It should give you cover against the damages caused by any type of liquid submersion, fire or accidental drops. You may get the cover worldwide so that even if you carry your laptop anywhere in the world, it will be covered.

5). What should be the duration of the policy?

The policy duration depends on your personal requirement. You can take the policy for 1year and then renew it every year. You may also avail the laptop insurance policy up to 5 years.

6). What should I do if I have more than one laptop?

Many insurance companies offer laptop insurance where you get the cover for more than one laptop. These policies turn out to be cheaper as the premium is low due to lesser administrative work associated.

7). Is there any specific policy for students?

Yes. Many laptop insurance providers offer special policy for students where the students get laptop insurance at lower premium or they will also offer special benefits like mobile insurance free with the laptop insurance.

8). Do corporate get extra benefit by the laptop insurance companies?

Yes. As the corporate may buy the laptop insurance in bulk, the laptop insurance companies may offer better discounts. If you are looking for laptop Insurance for corporate then you should inquire for the discount first.

9). Will I get replacement of my damaged laptop with the same model?

The insurance company will replace your laptop if it is not in repairable condition. The company will try to replace it with the same model but if that model is not available then you will have to settle with the equivalent model.

10). How do I pay my premium?

The laptop insurance companies will offer the online payment option to its customers for ease of payment and convenience. You can make payment through your debit card or credit card for further convenience.