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Mobile Phone insurance

The usage of mobile phones has terrifically augmented in the recent years all over the world. Right from a small kid to adults, many of them are now using mobile phones for communication process. Release of Smart phones in UK has profited many Cell phone companies with huge profits. Smart phones are picked the most because of their enchanting features that are distinctive when compared to the regular mobile phones. Not only are the features, even the cost of these smart phones are sky rocketing, due to which most of the users are protecting their mobile with Mobile phone insurance.

When the mobile phone is lost or stops working, it will have a very devastating impact on the cell phone user since most of the professional and personal contacts are saved in the mobile. So in order to save yourself it is mandatory to insure your mobile phone. There are many mobile phone companies offering insurance policy covering the below features.

Theft: In case if your mobile phone is suddenly lost, then you will be replaced with other one in 48 hours.

Counterfeit telephonic calls: When some one steals your mobile phone and start making calls to others then it will be a burden for you to pay the bill. With this option, the insurance provider will pay the bills for the unauthorized calls.

Break down cover: If your mobile phone develops any electrical or mechanical problem and stops working within the manufacturerÂ’s warranty, then the insurance provider will repair and give it you back.

Liquid damage: Survey says that more 1.3 million phones are malfunctioning due to water or coffee spilling on the phone knowingly or unknowingly. This damages the screen of the mobile phone and makes you worried. So the insurance provider will replace it with a new one or repair it.

International cover for mobile phone: It is common for business professionals to move abroad or foreign countries for official purpose. And it is very mandatory to cover your mobile with International cover policy to save your self.

Loss: If at all you lose your phone, then it will be replaced with other mobile phone. You have to be careful in reading the policy of the company, since few cheap mobile insurance companies replace your mobile phone with second hand mobile phone.

Also there are companies which donÂ’t cover all these features, but they have few plans like basic cover, lite cover, full cover in which there are selected options that suit the different customers. These are available in different prices. You can also compare quotes online with the other companies and choose the best cover policy that fits you the best. You can also receive good quotes on the Insurance site. Reading thoroughly the policy manual before making a final decision will help you a lot. Gathering a list of mobile phone insurance sites before browsing will save your time and money.