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  • Finance >> Car Insurance >> Norwich Car Insurance

    Norwich Union Car Insurance

    The largest insurance company Aviva has ranked fifth among all the insurance companies of the world. Norwich is a part of this company and company’s specialization includes pension and life insurance across Europe. This company is expanding its wings in Australian, Asian and American markets to provide long term services. Huge customer base includes 40 million customers handled by 59,000 employees.

    Norwich caters several products, which include comprehensive insurance, Norwich Union Car Insurance, short term insurance as well as young driver’s car insurance. Rapid bonus scheme is applicable on the young driver’s car insurance product in which discount on no claim can be claimed within 9 months rather than 12 months. This scheme will reduce the amount of future premiums. Hence, within a period of 5 years insured can get 15 months of no claim discount. Grey Import Car Insurance is another unique feature of Norwich Union Car Insurance. This is used specially for imported cars; however this policy will not cover certain car makes.

    Affordable price range enables the customer to get the insurance at lowest price and hence it reduces the burden of insurance from policy holder’s mind. Like all other policies, new car replacement and the option of courtesy car has been included in all types of policies. Personal belonging cover amount is not fixed in each product and European cover provided by the company is unlimited. Norwich has divided the policies into different types, so customers can choose the exact policy that will go with individual’s need correctly. Insurance is divided as per the type of car used by people that includes antique cars, classic cars as well as traditional family cars. The main focus of the company is on long term savings, fund management and general insurance. The company believes on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is nothing but all about planet, people and profit.

    Aviva is the fifth largest insurance company of which Norwich is a part. Norwich’s specializations include life and pension insurance in Europe. The company is also growing in Asian, Australian and US Markets in the long term savings businesses. There are about 59,000 employees and 40 million customer base.

    Norwich Union Car Insurance Coverage
    Product Features Distinct Motor Home & Drivers Club Home & Drivers Club Executive Home & Drivers Club Family Home & Drivers Club Gold Home & Drivers Club Prestige Just Car Private Car Private Car Executive Private Car Family Private Car Gold Private Car Gold Powerpoint Private Car Powerpoint Private Car Prestige Motor Insurance Pay As You Drive Rapid Bonus
    New Car Replacement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Personal belongings £500 £150 £200 £200 £200 £200 Not covered £150 £200 £200 £200 £200 £150 £200 £150 £150 £150
    Child car seat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Loss of keys unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited Not covered unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Maximum free foreign days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 0 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 0 days 0 days 0 days
    Guaranteed no claims discount No No No No No No No no no no no no no no optional no no
    Rescue cover service service service service service service service service service service service service service service service service service
    Transport after accident Yes No No No No No Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Courtesy car standard standard standard standard standard standard standard standard standard standard standard standard standard standard optional optional optional
    Enhanced courtesy car standard No standard standard No standard No no standard standard no no no standard optional optional optional

    Norwich’s products include Comprehensive Insurance, short term insurance, young driver’s Car Insurance and classic Norwich Union Car Insurance. Young Drivers Car Insurance has a rapid bonus scheme in which no claims discount can be claimed within 9 months instead of the regular 12 month period. This allows the young drivers to reduce their premiums in future. Thus in a 5 year no claims discount period Norwich Insurance policy holders can obtain a full no gain 15 months prior to the regular schemes offered by other companies. Additional discounts are provided when the young drivers obtain pass plus certificate.

    The other unique feature about Norwich Union Car Insurance is Grey Import Car Insurance. This is provided for imported cars. However there are certain makes of cars which are not covered in this policy.

    It ensures to provide quality products and uninterrupted customer services to its clients. They have created their very own niche by providing wide range of covers for classics cars, antique cars or traditional family cars.

    All the covers are available at an affordable price range. On every policy, they offer full range of cover from comprehensive cover to third party fire or just third party cover. Above this, you can even get discounts and cash back offers on most of the covers. In the Car Insurance industry only few high tech companies are as recognizable as Norwich insurance.

    Norwich believes in CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is all about people, planet and profit. CSR helps the people’s concern for environment. CSR also entails all the parts of business like environment, charity and community, customers, human rights, workforce, health and safety issues, suppliers and standards of business conduct.

    Along with Norwich Union Car Insurance they mainly focuses on general insurance, long term savings and fund management. It offers various types of polices and covers at competitive prices with excellent customer services.

    With the wide range of products offered by them how can one not get attracted to buy Norwich Union Car Insurance online!