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Norwich Union Direct Van Insurance

Norwich Union is a financial service provider in the United Kingdom offering insurance products. The company has involved in Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR). CSR reflects in the products offered by the company.

Norwich Union Direct Van Insurance provides two types of policies namely third party fire and theft and comprehensive policy as a part of business as well as personal insurance. The insurance is provided for both private and commercial vans. Private van insurance has optional extras to suit individuals.

Optional Extras - There is cover for accessories and spare parts. Repairs have three year guarantee according to the market value of the van. Legal cover includes legal fees in event of accident. Cover can be extended while going on a trip to Europe. No claims discount option is also available.

Types of Vans - Vans of any types ranging from micros to medium panel vans, even light vans and pick up trucks can be insured with Norwich Union Direct. The vans should be less than 3.5 tonnes weight to avail the insurance.

Claims lines are open round the clock throughout the year. Claims process is easy and time factor is very less. Norwich Union Direct Van Insurance is those looking out for the best Van Insurance at low costs. Avail this insurance for your vans and see that you will not have a minute of worry when taking it out on a picnic or sending it for pickup for your business.