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Marks & Spencerís Pet Insurance

Marks and Spencerís was started in 1883 by Michael Marks in collaboration with Tom Spencer. The first office was in Derby, Manchester. In 1914 the company was bought by London Penny Bazaar Company. By 1931 St. Michaelís trademarks was registered. Marks and Spencerís are leaders in retailing and their chain of stores sells many brands some of which the company owns.

Marks and Spencerís launched online shopping on their website in 1999. The company has diversified into many fields and has international presence with its stores in all major cities across the world.

Marks & Spencerís Pet Insurance is regulated by Financial Services authority. Pet Insurance by Marks and Spencerís is done in arrangement with AXA Insurance Group.

Marks & Spencerís provide Pet Insurance online. This facility is available only for new customers. Cats and Dogs from the age of 2 months can be insured. Vetís Bill up to £7000 per year can be claimed. Treatment will be provided to your pet as long as your policy is renewed. There is a 5% discount on additional pets which are insured.

Marks & Spencerís has a special customer complaint department which takes care of complaints. In case the complaint is not resolved the customer can take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Marks & Spencerís is a member of the FSCS which is Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Marks & Spencer Insurer gets compensations from the scheme depending on the type of insurance and the claim.

Marks & Spencerís provides the best for your pets. Make use of it.