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Prudential Travel Insurance

Prudential offers you Travel Insurance policies of good quality that include medical cover of up to £10 million, £3000 for cancellation etc.

Prudential offers a wide variety of travel insurance policies that include single trip covers as well as annual multi-trip ones. Prudential Travel Insurance policies include covers for business travel, winter sports, loss of personal possessions etc. You can avail a discount if you purchase their travel insurance policies online. Also, no-claims discount is available as well. A Prudential Travel Insurance helpline is available for customers to clarify all the doubts that you may have and a separate helpline has been provided for where you can make medical claims 24 hours a day.

Some of the customers have claimed that Prudential causes a number of delays during the payment of your claims. However, this opinion is not voiced by all Prudential customers. Thus, if you need a Travel Insurance policy then, Prudential is one of the agencies that you can consider.