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  • Finance >> Car Insurance >> RAC Car Insurance

    RAC Car Insurance

    Almost every family of UK have vehicle, and as the law abide every vehicle has to be insured. RAC Car Insurance is a car insurance provider that belongs to Aviva group. In UK, this company works with Norwich Union brand name. The company has catered their services to millions of customers through this business. RAC products are useful for the learners. It provides breakdown cover, where you can replace automotive glass too. The financial as well as legal services will be catered by the company.

    RAC Car Insurance was established in 1897. By the year 1901 they also introduced telephone boxes and uniformed patrols that can be used in emergencies and are available on the roadside. This company has become popular due to the breakdown services provided by them, and now it is known as top level company in the insurance market. Around 6 millions of customers used the company services, which includes motoring services. The panel of 18 individual insurers will help customers to get the best price deal. All the products offered by RAC Car Insurance company have unique features, and are available at very low cost. These products provide comprehensive cover as well as third party cover. Third party cover includes third party only cover and third party fire and theft cover. A policy holder will get protection in case of an accident.

    While providing different types of schemes, RAC Car Insurance has targeted young drivers. Young drivers can build their no claim bonus discount, and they can get the discount for a year by paying nine months premium. Personal belonging cover up to ₤150 will be given by the company. You can opt for classic car option as “pay by day” from the Insurance company. This company has provided a lot of flexibility for their customers while choosing the services and the amount of premium.

    Royal Automobile Club (RAC), belonging to Aviva is a group that enjoys the fifth position among the insurance companies worldwide, on the basis of premiums. In United Kingdom, they are the largest company, operating using the brand name Norwich Union. RAC has achieved their success by providing the comprehensive array of vehicle, as well as motoring services to multitude of businesses and millions of customers. These include insurance, British School of Motoring (BSM) for people who are learners of driving, breakdown cover from RAC, replacing automotive glass, legal and also Financial services for the customers who have taken RAC products.

    RAC Car Insurance Coverage
    Product Features Basic Membership Plus
    New Car Replacement Yes Yes
    Personal belongings £150 £150
    Child car seat Yes Yes
    Loss of keys unlimited unlimited
    Maximum free foreign days 0 days 0 days
    Guaranteed no claims discount No No
    Rescue cover service service
    Transport after accident Yes Yes
    Courtesy car optional optional
    Enhanced courtesy car optional optional

    RAC started in 1897 have always tried to stay in the forefront by introducing in 1901 uniformed patrols and telephone boxes for emergencies on the roadside two years later. Today they have the latest computer system for dealing with telephone calls to seek assistance on the roadside. RAC Car Insurance became popular through their breakdown service, but eventually became renowned as top level insurance company. RAC has around 6 million consumers and offer them a wide variety of motoring services, as well as products at very low prices. RAC was acquired by Aviva plc for about £1.1 billion in March, 2005.

    They have a panel comprising of around 18 individual insurers and customers can get the best possible deal. In a survey conducted by Direct Excellence, it was found that customers who had changed over to RAC were able to save £80 (on an average). When it is necessary to renew, RAC shop around their panel and come up with the most economical deal for their customers.

    Different Features of RAC Car Insurance:

    There are both Comprehensive Cover and third party for fire and theft. By purchasing online from RAC, it is possible to get one month insurance free. Around 70 percent of the customers who had purchased RAC Car Insurance have to pay only around £350 or much lesser than that. There is year round hotline and also the advantage of no claims discount to about 70 percent. The premium, customers have to pay depends on the specific cover and the circumstances selected. In order to give you minimal premium, you have to answer eight questions regarding your driving habits, so that you can get savings to a maximum of 17 percent.

    The RAC Car Insurance has a scheme for getting rapid bonus, targeting younger drivers, so as to enable them to build the no-claims discount and facilitating them to get one years worth of this discount within nine months. A prime advantage of comprehensive cover provided by RAC is that in the case of you being ill and unable to finish the journey by car, RAC transports the vehicle back home or else to some other specified address inside United Kingdom. By getting the certificate called Pass Plus, younger drivers can get additional discount.

    More insurance options for the classic cars can be opted as “pay by day” in RAC Car Insurance. For extra premium it is possible to get extra benefits including European cover for breakdowns, legal services, physiotherapy and courtesy car when there is an accident.