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Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Sainsbury Bank is the subsidiary of J Sainsbury plc and Bank of Scotland. The headquarters is at Holborn, London. Sainsbury is the first supermarket group to offer banking services. It started its banking operations in 1997. There are over 11 million customers in the banking sector. The company offers Credit Cards, savings, insurances, mortgages and loans.

Sainsburys Pet Insurance when taken online you can avail a 10% discount. Vet Fees cover of £6,500 for accident and illness, this is the highest paid in United Kingdom pet Insurance. The cover exists till the policy is renewed and treatment will be provided to the injured pet. Sainsbury also helps with the cost of getting back lost or stolen pets. Sainsbury Pet Insurance also covers pets got from rescue centers. Missing Pets Bureau provides a 12 month free Petback Protect for missing pets.

Sainsbury has received the awards as 'Best Online Pet Insurance Provider 2006' and 'Best Overall Online Provider 2007.

The unique feature of Sainsbury Insurance is the £10 Sainsbury's voucher on recommending a friend for Pet Insurance. This Offer can be availed by calling the office and quoting P1736 where the staff will note down the friends name and postcode. Sainsbury provides quality at a reduced cost. Why not buy Sainsbury Pet Insurance and recommend one to your friend and help you pet also.