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  • Finance >> Car Insurance >> Swiftcover Car Insurance

    Swiftcover Car Insurance

    Swiftcover car insurance offers cheapest car insurance policy in the industry with new and better method. This company is part of one of the oldest AX4 group, and has more than 50 million customers in the entire world. The company offers so many advantages with car insurance policies for the benefits of customers. It offers complete freedom to policy holder to manage his policy. Policy holder can read or take print of documents as per his desire. You can check your repayments or make changes in policy from internet without paying any extra charge. The company offers two levels of insurance cover, and you can choose any one as per your requirement as well as budget.

    Comprehensive car insurance covers replacement or repair of car, if it is stolen or damaged. Medical expenses are also covered in case of injury to policy holder or other people. Comprehensive coverage includes damage to other people’s property and car. This cover includes windscreen repair too. Third party fire and theft insurance covers damage to other people’s property and cars but not policy holder’s own. The Swiftcover Car Insurance company provides guarantee for every repair as well as up to five years for every level of cover. You will get instant customer service from company at very less premium.

    Swiftcover car insurance provides additional benefits such as legal cover, personal accident cover, no claim discount, courtesy car cover, breakdown car recovery and key loss cover at very nominal cost. You can avail any one or all additional covers for peace of mind by paying nominal extra cost. If claim is made, then Insurance company will collect as well as deliver car after repairs free of charge. You can purchase policy or book claim online from company website. The company offers online insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds. Hassle free claim process is prominent feature of this company.

    Swiftcover Car Insurance belongs to AXA group and does insurance in a new, but better method. AXA group started in 18th century, but acquired the name in 1985 since numerous acquisitions and mergers. They have around 50 million customers in about 50 countries including Europe, Asia/Pacific and North America. Swiftcover Car Insurance is the first insurer company to be completely based on Internet in UK. They offer many cover options with comparatively cheaper quotes.

    Swiftcover Car Insurance Coverage
    Product Features Coverage
    New Car Replacement Yes
    Personal belongings £100
    Child car seat No
    Loss of keys Not covered
    Maximum free foreign days 3 days
    Guaranteed no claims discount No
    Rescue cover No
    Transport after accident No
    Courtesy car optional
    Enhanced courtesy car optional

    Advantages Offered By Swiftcover Car Insurance:
    • They provide average price cheaper than most companies.
    • There is no need to waste time with inefficient call centres. The savings earned are given straight to customers. Within 60 seconds, it is possible to know how much money can be saved with the Swiftcover Car Insurance.
    • Insurers have complete control of their insurance dealings. They can access it online at any time either night or day. This includes registering online, obtain cover, as well as quotes, track claims, read and to take print of documents, check repayments and change any existing policies.
    • All the documentation are managed and stored online in a web space, which have been personalised called Swift Space.
    • Their hassle-free process benefits customers between the age group of 17-75 and right-hand-drive vehicles of maximum worth £60,000.
    • They provide instantaneous quick service, at lesser premiums.
    • They have customer support team with their base in UK.
    • Swiftcover Car Insurance gives guarantee for every repair and workmanship for 5 years.
    • If claim is made, they collect and deliver car free of charge after repairs, properly cleaned.