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Atlantic gas and electric is the part of Southern and Scottish energy group (SSE) and has been operating for over five years. The company’s headquarters are based in Gloucester and supplies electricity and gas to more than 400,000 consumers in UK and about 5 million consumers across UK. The word is spreading faster about it and, the company is rapidly becoming popular because of providing best deals and outstanding customer services. As a division of SSE and FTSE 100 rated company, the consumers are the part of the biggest energy distribution network in UK which includes supply of Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro, SWALEC and Airtricity. The company has got over ten million consumer account.

The Atlantic USP that attracts its consumers is that it aims to be cheaper than other local gas suppliers and cheaper than other energy suppliers. It offers a month free energy service to its Atlantic customers who sign-up online and opt to pay via Direct Debt. It provides e-billing services allowing its consumers to manage their bills and submit their meter readings online.

Atlantic has simple and straight-forward policy for signing up process. They offer online ordering form for its customers. The customer has to select the product he/she wants and have to click on “apply now” along with the form filled. The customer care centre is open from 8 am to 8 pm including Saturdays. There are various schemes offered by the company. The “Electricity domestic standard” for those homes where there is little or minimum usage of electricity during the night. “Electricity economy” offers discounts on the energy prices for seven straight hours each night and hence; it is suitable for those premises where there is more than 15% of consumption in the night. For the gas supply- “Gas standard” scheme is suitable in all homes as the service rate and a unit rate is charged per day. Another offer is “Nil Service charge” especially for those crowds who wish to pay for the units they have utilized. The rates are divided into primary, secondary and follow on rates.

Atlantic, apart from this carries on various promotional programs where it educates its consumer on how to keep warm on the low budget. Special services are also offered for sick, elderly and disabled consumers such as option to register for priority services. Freephone text-line services for speechless, hearing difficulties. Braille bills or large prints for partially sighted and blind people are also offered by the company.