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E.ON is one of the largest investor owned energy companies in the world. They are into energy supply as well as energy generation. E.ON also deals with gas distribution throughout UK. It is one of the leading energy supplier companies in UK. It is also the second largest company in UK to generate energy. It is headquartered in Germany and serves almost 30 countries in the continents of US and Europe.

E.ON was founded in 2000. The two energy companies VEBA and VIAG merged to form E.ON. Later on company had acquisitions to enter into gas market and Powergen in UK has been rebranded as E.ON UK. Various subsidiaries of E.ON are E.ON Ruhrgas, E.ON UK, E.ON Sverige and OGK-4. E.ON Ruhrgas also serves more than 20 countries.

E.ON offers electrical power and natural gas to the countries in Europe and US. It also serves in generating electricity, distributing Electricity, exploring natural gas, producing natural gas, transporting and distributing. The key people involved in this company are its CEO and Chairman of the executive board Mr Johannes Teyssen and Chairman of the supervisory board Mr Werner Wenning. As of end 2010 the company had up to 85,000 employees. E.ON also has its presence in Russia through stake in their natural gas company Gazprom.

Lately they are into wind generation scheme. 30% of the UK based London Array project is owned by E.ON UK. This project will come into existence in the Thames estuary. In 2008 E.ON had also opened a wind farm off the coast of Cornwall. They also provide specific and tailor made energy solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises. By serving industrial customers with their innovative solutions they go a step ahead with making appropriate designs and encouraging them to use energy moderately. They also encourage homes and businesses to generate their own energy using solar panels and ground source heat pumps. Such micro generation systems can go a long way in meeting energy requirements by industries as well as homes. The company is also working for Nuclear power plants and carbon capture methods. The company is well aware of the fact that carbon-di-oxide is dangerous to the atmosphere and preventing it from entering earth’s atmosphere is as important as generating power. They also provide natural gas storage facilities throughout UK.

The latest development by this company is building fast charging stations for electric cars. They are working on cable less charging systems which will be convenient for everyone. They are doing it with the help of a technology called induction charging.