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EDF Energy

EDF Energy was started in the year 2003 with the idea that conceptualized much before the actual company started. EDF Energy is one of the largest companies of UK in energy and low carbon electricity sector. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of EDF Group, one of the major European energy groups, which creates about a fifth of Britain's electricity and 15,000 people work for them. EDF Energy supplies electricity and gas for about 5.5 million homes and businesses that makes them the largest electricity producer by volume.

The organization constitutes of three business units, in which the Existing Nuclear runs eight nuclear power plants in the United Kingdom with a collective capacity of nearly 9,000 megawatts – this volume of electricity produced is indispensable to the Britain's economy.

The nuclear new build unit’s task is to offer a new generation of nuclear power plants of EDF's global program to produce a safe, economical, dependable and low-carbon energy production in the UK.

The EDF Energy origination and delivery unit works towards customer chain operation power plants. It also works for wind farms. It does quite a bit of purchasing and selling of electricity to meet future generations, and always caters to client needs, and manages all the energy requirements.

Britain is facing the energy gap caused by the growing demand for Electricity, due to old-fashioned power plants closure, and unpredictable climate differences that reduce fossil fuel levels. EDF Energy believes that nuclear energy will sight a pivotal note as part of the solutions to climate differences and ensure a safe and affordable supply of energy.

EDF Energy operates with gas and coal energy plants. There are three large establishments in the United Kingdom. The company believes that, no liability for the soil and land used for energy generation causes inevitable and serious troubles. It conducts a program to reclaim for all power plants in the wilderness and the area used for storage before and after production of the material.

EDF Energy believes that continuous enhancement of the environment is as important as any other company objective. Hence, the company has implemented ISO 14001 Environmental management systems mainly in power units to help achieve this goal.

To respond to new avenues and challenges the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA) is established. NETA has created a market where electricity can be sold like any other product via bilateral contracts. Here the prices are agreed between the Contracting Parties on trade of electricity. EDF Energy participated in a meet for enforcing the concept of NETA.

Regular association with power plants and managing the operations in line with demand and market conditions make EDF Energy proud front-runner in the UK energy production and disbursement sector.