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Ebico is the not for profit electricity and gas supplier targeting to provide better and a fairer deal for the domestic supplies in British house-holds. It is expanding its enterprise which is committed to work for both i.e. earth resources and social justice in novel ways. The company supplies electricity and gas throughout Britain and charge its costumers same price per unit, regardless the usage. Whether you have one or more than one connection, whichever payment method you use. It believes in the simple motto of just pay for what you use. It might be a unique energy provider but, it is not a new one. The company has been putting people before its profits for more than 12 years and, now the figures have crossed over 50,000 house-holds. The commitment to tackle fuel and helping its consumers to decrease the usage has won the reputation and, for the same reason the company has been ranked as Number 1 by UK’s “Which” magazine. Ebico Company is trading around and across Britain for more than ten years, making honest difference to low income house-holds.

At Ebico, what makes it different from other energy suppliers is its simplicity. Other suppliers offer discounts and many lucrative offers to those customers who opt for Direct Debt plan but, these energy suppliers charge higher rates to its consumers who use re-payment meters. Ebico feels this is wrong and unfair. To high-light the things; majority of the house-hold which are using re-payment meters are of low income and experiences fuel poverty. The company charges flat rates to all of them, creating competitive, fair price for all the customers plus great savings. The motto of the company itself explains everything “One rate for everyone”.

Ebico consistently tops the highest position in polls of consumer services amongst other energy suppliers. Consumer chooses this gas and energy supplier for various reasons because it offers transparent deals, simple tariff structure and excellent customer services. Their home Energy experts will happily answer your queries from “how can I reduce my bill?” to knowing the eligibility of various tariff plans. The consumer has to simply email the home energy experts and it is answered within five working days. Moreover; the company uses its most of the purchasing power for its consumers to ensure that everybody gets a reasonable deal. They have come up with various innovative schemes that help the customer save more.