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Green electricity was first proposed by Ecotricity in 1996 to become the first green electricity company in the world. It also relaunched the green movement now a world power. Ecotricity's mission has always been changing the way electricity is produced and used in Britain.

The concentration is on green electricity because the traditional electricity is responsible for 30% of carbon dioxide emissions in Britain that is the largest single source of the nation and therefore the single biggest thing that can be changed.

Ecotricity uses a single point model using customer bills to fund energy building with new green energy sources. The company refers this as a movement of "The bills in the Mills -. energy bills windmills”. This company is a society without dividends - all the profits go to green energy mission. It is free to devote towards the task of building new green energy sources as the company is not answerable to the shareholders. Ecotricity shares the benefits of work with its initiative towards Eco Bonds the opportunity to share the financial benefits of green energy revolution.

This company generates Green energy like gas and electricity from renewable sources - referring to green electricity from the elements, wind, sun and sea and the green gas made from food waste and algae. It is not just providing green energy but also creates it. Green energy can give Britain back its energy independence, job creation and sustainable green industry, and therefore a greener Britain.

Ecotricity offers its clients, the selection of energy needed depending on the size of the company, including a set of rates for small and medium enterprises, tailored pricing for large businesses and an award-winning on-site wind regime.

There are several benefits for the small businesses too. Ecotricity provides expert team of business account managers and can help small businesses with any questions. Flexible fares with no renewals are also offered.

For the benefit of large companies, Ecotricity appoints a dedicated account manager - for contact, questions or support. The company has also worked for Highway Electricity: Electric Ecotricity Road designed to allow owners of electric vehicles to travel across the country is a vital piece of infrastructure, far away in Britain. All the power of electricity comes from road elements, wind and sun. It is essential to use clean energy sources like this - so that electric cars can reach their full potential - to zero-emission driving. The company keeps in mind all these factors to offer the clean and green energy to its customers.