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First Utility

First utility is a UK based energy supplier company which is offering its consumers smart meters. Though most of the energy supplier companies provide energy monitoring meters, these smart meter is one of its kinds. The company is working on measuring the energy usage accurately by installing smart meters in households and industrial units.

First utility is installing smart meters for free. They are working on these cutting edge smart meters throughout UK. Most of the electricity and gas bills are an approximate version of the actual bill. They are rolled out before verifying the actual utilisation. Smart meter does a very different task. It notes the reading every half an hour and sends the data to mobile communication link. These accurate readings thus noted by smart meters can be observed by the users and thus the consumers end up paying for only the actual use. The company is not only giving this facility it is also offering its consumers dual fuel discount worth 180 pounds. This set-up can also be used for monitoring and giving exact readings for gas utilisation too. The company also has an online portal where customers can access their accounts to see their exact usage.

The company is not only focusing on accurate bills for its customers but also saving energy. They have come up with the first of its kind Google Power Meter. One can view its usage via iGoogle homepage from any device which is internet enabled. First Utility rolled out these meters in 2010 in entire UK region. East and West Midlands were the areas where these meters first came into existence. Not only it saves energy by continuous or frequent monitoring but also it is way convenient than the conventional methods. Once installed there is no need to check the meters again. Huge benefit is there is no cancellation fee for the consumers.

The energy saving trust says that household energy bills can be reduced by 5-10% using these smart meters. Smart meters itself doesn’t do much except getting the reading every half hour. The frequency of monitoring helps the customers gain insight into his day-time, night-time or any other time usages. They can be careful after noting their excesses at a particular time.

They have recently won two coveted awards namely Housing Product of the Year award 2009 and Global Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Customer Focus 2010. They had started off in telecoms and besides providing these Energy services they are also into First Telecom, serving as a UK based telecom service provider.