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LoCO2 energy was established in the year 2009 with motive to provide low carbon electricity. This company generates trade as well as sells renewable electricity. It has team of highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals with ample experience in both retail electricity sector and renewable energy. Electricity supply is one of the fundamental parts for growth of economy of any nation. It works very hard to make this complicated and stressful part very easy as well as convenient for its consumers. This organization has established eight hydropower plants in different part of country. These hydropower plants have huge capacity of generating electricity to fulfill increasing demands of both individuals and business houses. Renewable energy is need of future to protect our planet from air pollution and this company knows it very well. It has achieved many milestones in very short period about generation, distribution and supply of low carbon renewable energy.

LoCO2 generates electricity from only natural sources such as wind, water, solar or tidal and provides it to its customers at very reasonable prices. It offers three electricity tariff plans for residential customers and you can select any one as per your budget. Pocket fixed plan allow you to fix prices of electricity for year. It is fixed plan and once prices are fixed they will not change in entire year. Its pocket electricity tariff plan is designed to suit for cost conscious customers. Customers will get quick electricity supply by calling over phone or applying from internet. It also supplies Electricity to business houses and they will get free online quotes from the website of company. These quotes help industrial customers to get knowledge about exact cost according to their consumption. This company offers two different tariffs for business supply such as business green and business low carbon.

LoCO2 energy is better for both pocket and planet. The company is committed to provide best customer service to its customers as well as crystal clear bills too. You can pay bills online also and your personal information will not be misused. In case of emergency you can contact on emergency numbers of company. LoCO2 works hard to provide every support and help to customers. Many useful links and tracking of application status have been included in its website. Transparency and quick service are major advantages of this company. It offers cheap alternative to costly traditional energy sources. Regular visit to company website will provide you information about special offers and discounts.