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National Trust Energy

National Trust Energy is an eco-friendly organisation set-up in the year 2007, in a partnership with Npower. It is such an energy provider that offers 100% renewable resources and the costing is same as per the local electricity. Till date, 27 of National Trust historic properties have been benefitted under the scheme. A wide range of green measures are installed at the properties across Wales and England. The steps are moving further in planning the same across UK. This scheme of renewable technologies comprises of replacement of oil powered heater and the installation of solar power heating system with biomass boilers. It is estimated that the way this fund is moving further, it will save 799,899 Kg CO2 over the life-time of the technologies.

There are no hidden costs or extra costs charged. The project undertaken by Npower and National trust energy has created a noteworthy name amongst people of UK.

As one of the country’s largest environmental enterprise, it has been for some time studying the alarming scenario of the energy issues in the country and this made serious decision to switch to save potential Energy. It has come up with the fantastic solution by finding low energy lighting solutions.

National Trust Energy and nPower has the eco-friendly scheme plan named “NTGE” designed as a green energy alternative. It is intended for those who are interested in giving a serving hand to some of the Britain’s significant sites. As per this plan, the company donates fifteen pounds to the trust fund every year per consumer from this scheme. The tariff plans are available with a wide variety of payment procedures which includes Cash, Direct Debit, Cheque, Online paying, or Prepayment meter. The featured plans which would be more beneficial to the consumers are smart meters, incentives for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources. Apart from achieving excellence in the business the company strives to become a responsible corporate citizen and is firmly committed towards the betterment of the human welfare. At National Trust Energy, it has 4 important promises made to the business and residential consumers: 1) Delivering quality services. 2) To provide value for money. 3) To understand customer requirements and meet them. 4) To be always there for their consumers.

National Trust Energy’s journey into the hearts of the people is not about resources and money. It is about non-stop commitment to its sense of purpose, about making a difference.