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Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy was created with an idea to solve the problems of the energy users. Stephen Fitzpatrick was the founder of the company. He started this company with a vision to offer the customers a relief from complicated and expensive tariffs. The company aimed to offer the best services to its customers at reasonable rates. The motto was achieved after thorough research and clear vision. The company has now established a wide customer base owing to the hardworking and dedicated professionals working with full efficiency and experience.

With all these efforts from the founder and his team, Ovo Energy is now an exciting new energy provider delivering electricity and gas with appreciative and effectual customer service. This energy supply company is based in Cirencester, England. The company came into business in the year 2003. With the advent of Ovo in UK, it had received impressive welcome and since then there was no looking back. It has made the competition tough and is highly criticized for its competitive price. The novel approach has made the company popular across UK has been the fastest developing company.

Ovo Energy ensures to stay greener, cheaper and simpler by employing cutting edge technology, smart professionals and putting its consumers in the first place with every decision it makes. Ovo Energy understands that, switching to a new energy supplier is a daunting task but, switching to OVO won’t disappoint you. Their team of professionals have spent a lot to understand what an ideal energy provider company should be like.

They have two best energy plans “Green energy plans” and “New energy plans”. Unlike others who have hundreds of tariff plans to which consumers find it confusing, this company offers only 2 plans that work in a simple way to offer all sorts of deals you are expecting. Apart from this, the payment process is easy. They also offer protection from price hikes, options to have Electricity and gas together, and energy saving tips etc. The tariff plan would also not get altered without intimation. They believe in putting their customers first and have adopted different strategies of making their services better. They offer the immediate response to the customer queries being asked on phone or through email. The company conducts regular surveys to know the customer preferences in a better way. All these qualities of the company makes it one of the most trusted energy supplier of UK.