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Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsbury's Energy is the new kid on the block having recently partnered with UK’s prominent energy supplying brand British Gas. Within short period of span it has become a leading name in popular household name for providing sustainable energy solutions across UK. Combining its consumer services and energy expertise, it has offered a novel approach in energy supplying and, also understanding its consumer’s requirements.

Sainsbury's Energy is an integrated energy providing company in United Kingdom, with operations spanning electricity generation, sale of electricity and gas to the businesses and homes throughout UK. It has employed more than 25,000 skilled professionals and handles 6.7 million consumer accounts till date. The company aims to support UK’s transition to the better greener future by helping it in reducing energy usage and lower down the carbon omission across the country. British gas and Sainsbury together have teamed up and are offering range of energy technologies and information at various places by conducting seminars, programs on how to reduce the energy bills and also making people aware of how they can help make greener planet.

After releasing the tension of upcoming schemes and duties by the government which has created a flattering situation for setting new ventures and businesses, the requirement of the energy has registered with quite a hike. Hence; with the existing presence of dozens of key players in the energy industry, Sainsbury's Energy seems to be giving tough competition.

Sainsbury's Energy is committed in providing an exceptional customer service by locating face-to-face advice centres in Sainsbury's stores across United Kingdom, giving its consumers the choice when they need. It offers best discounts on the various tariff plans. Apart from this, the company have launched schemes like “Solar Electricity” “Switch to green products” and “Nectar”. Nectar is most popular scheme which asks for ordering energy saving products and for that you earn points i.e. “Nectar” which can be later on redeemed at any supermarket. They educate people with many energy saving tips which in a way help them reduce their bills. The best part is that any consumer can switch online for Sainsbury energy connection whether it is an electricity or gas. The online step-by-step registration procedure is easy and hassle free. The company has also set up toll free call lines to solve the customer queries quickly and conveniently. With all these hard work and references of the consumers, the company is proud to be the best energy provider across UK.