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Scottish Hydro

Scottish Hydro’s journey is almost as old as the hills of the Scotland. The company is the leading name when it comes to supply gas and energy. Since 1947 it never stopped growing and today, it has expanded its horizons beyond Scottish land. With the timely advancement, the company is into many things that include “Hydro Electric”, “Hydro Board” and “The North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board”.

Scottish Hydro is a part of SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) group and considered to be the largest gas and Electricity Company in UK. Comprising the supply business of SWALEC, Southern Electric, Atlantic, Airtricity and Scottish Hydro, today it has more than 12 million consumers. Being a complete energy provider, it has fifty years of an outstanding experience in generating, transmitting, distributing and supplying the energy.

Scottish Hydro’s core purpose is to offer the energy to its consumers in a sustainable and reliable way. They work hard to stick to their motto and offer the best deals to their customers. They have a strong customer base that trusts their exceptional service and competitive pricing. It is one of the prime reasons that this company is holding onto long standing position as UK’s best committed consumer service provider. Now coming up with more innovative ideas, it has country’s largest generator of renewable electricity running under Scottish Hydro name. They believe what is good for the environment and hence offer eco-friendly energy options to its customers. Perhaps, that is the reason it has been tagged as “Best overall energy supplier” for seventh consecutive times by uSwitch.

Scottish Hydro believes in making commitments that value its consumers. The company handles its customers on priority and takes care of their minute requirements efficiently. The company has come up with an initiative named “Careline”. It is a free priority service which includes specially skilled specialist and advisors for their registered consumers. “Help using the website” offering an extra help on how to use the website for bill payments, registering or texting etc. Then there is “keeping warm” plan that provides advices and guidelines on reduction of energy bills using right kind of appliances, eco-products and routine checking up of the meters. Switching to Scott Hydro is simple and straightforward due to its efficient online system. The company works through a team of experienced and target oriented professionals to serve their customers in the most efficient and timely manner.