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Scottish Power

ScottishPower belongs to the Iberdrola group, keen to grow as a global energy. With the integration of ScottishPower & Iberdrola now the business concentration is on few primary domains; the power supply, transmission through Networks of energy, also on the Generation & Supply through Energy Bulk & Retail, and lastly on the Canadian gas preservation & accumulation through PPM Canada.

ScottishPower's Energy supply Networks are spread over a huge 4000 km and the number of Distribution channel points are 3.4 million. The company is effectively contributing to the British plan to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases through its investment in wind energy, nuclear energy and clean coal.

It has been mainly concentrating on Glasgow for more than 100 years now. As part of the Iberdrola group, since April 2007 and based in Glasgow, ScottishPower is one of the biggest businesses of Great Britain and over 8000 people working meticulously across various generation, transmission, distribution and retail businesses.

ScottishPower is also one of the world leaders of UK in renewable energy and fifth largest in the world. Scottish Power Renewables which is a part of ScottishPower, Situated in Glasgow, is the leading up-grower of UK onshore wind farm with 30 wind farms completely functioning and lot many under building and planning stage.

ScottishPower Energy networks take the onus of restoring supplies as quickly as possible for a fault in network line by offering new connections to the network, maintaining the security conditions for smooth performance and functioning. The retail energy cost of clientís bill is more than just the cost of the used energy, ScottishPower aims to care for customerís energy needs and make sure they have all the information needed for power supply and billing.

Since 1998, ScottishPower extended its services to the residential Electricity and gas customers. It has built an impressive client base in United Kingdom by 3.5 million to about 5.2 million customers. Since 2003, ScottishPower familiarized a turnkey business concept, which has helped provide an increase in moneymaking through direct debt and to reduce drop-out rates of clients, as well as more cost-effective billing, debt management and customer registration. The company has implemented a key registration technology, which allows communication with electronic meters. This service is combined with the improvement of the pre-payment and billing performance enhancement.

ScottishPower is now an essential part of the Iberdrola Group, one of the biggest utility businesses in the world. Iberdrola gives first priority to its relations with all stakeholders and investors. It also believes in commitment and transparency through continuous communication with stakeholders and money market.