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Swalec is a division of Scottish and Southern Energy Group (SSE). SSE has a steady electric and gas client lineage of around 5 million. Offers are available in residential electricity and gas series, in which the units will be charged the same rate, regardless of when they are used.


Swalec Energy Company started way back to the 1940s, when it was controlled under the brand South Wales Electricity Board. SSE also takes up contracts of Mechanical and electrical sector. The Company indulges in Industrial power and automation contracts. They undertake work for illumination of all industrial and commercial premises. Swalec also does Electrical Security checking and testing. They also do Deployment and sustenance of high voltage power supply network. The company ensures that environment safety measures are taken by carbon management.


The electricity economy series package offered by the Swalec is good for residents with more than 15% of the Electricity used at late night, as the charge per point used is considerably less at night. The gas economy series offered by Swalec has standard gas charges will be the same when used at any time of the day or night. The free service rate package is suitable, if client wishes to pay only for the units used. The customer can pay bill by Direct Debit, Money Order, Cash payment, and Bank Cheque.


There are some special discounts for customer convenience like EnergyPlus Argos and Air miles. Special gifts are available that allow customers to earn Air Miles and Argos after they pay the bill every single time. Swalec has its own data center, which is involved in high security data, energy and mechanical deployment. The power industry has gone through a period of great changes in the last two decades. The scenario two decades ago was of energy firms operating in total dominance and not even a single commercial wind farm operated in UK.


SSE has stake in 20 medium sector businesses that provide renewable, prolonged and energy saving techniques, competent enough to support Swalec's ongoing projects and gears it to handle the UKs energy in the coming years. Swalec is among UKs best customer friendly companies and is among the largest generator of renewable energy. The energy generated is good for the environment and indeed good for Swalec.


Swalec is playing in the energy market under the able management of the SSE Group. This company was awarded the Best Overall Energy Supplier in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & in 2010 . It is also one of the few companies featured on uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Reports.