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Utility Warehouse

If you are looking for easy and simple solutions, then Utility Warehouse is best option for you. This company is serving United Kingdom with its cost effective products from so many years. It has best team of technically sound engineers to solve your problems. It works with award winning customer service and unbeatable values like fair billing as well as emergency help. It has more than 3, 50,000 residential as well as business customers all over the country. It is countryís cheapest gas and electricity supplier. It believes in providing low rate gas and energy supply for low income households. It will not spend lot of money on expensive advertisement and instead of that supplies low price gas and energy for average income people. It guarantees peace of mind about billing to its customers. It provides discount club to relax and ensures providing good deal to consumers.

Utility warehouse works with unique triple value guarantee. For gas, company guarantees that its prices will always be less than other gas suppliers. Generally other companies charge different rates for gas and electricity supply for different parts. Their prices are based on distance of places and cost of transportation. This company provides its services at competitive prices compared to other big six suppliers. It provides very easy method to switch the services from other suppliers. You can ask for connection by providing simple information over phone or filling online application. Utility warehouse customers will not have to sign any contract to enjoy services. This will save their time and money. It provides special services at very low prices to those customers who are senior citizens, blind or partially sighted, disabled or long term sick and deaf or hearing impaired as part of social commitment.

Utility warehouse offers some services free of charge such as annual safety check of gas appliances and fittings, special controls as well as adapters for customers with visual impairment and quarterly meter readings if no one is living in the house. Its low cost tariffs are specially designed to provide business customers good value on their Electricity and Gas consumptions. It will not tie business customers into long term contract like most other commercial energy suppliers. They can switch to other supplier without penalty, if company will not remain competitive. It offers 10 % discount on used energy at the end of year. Online payment options and privacy of customerís information are some major characteristics of this company.