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Wedding Insurance FAQís

What is a Wedding Insurance plan?
Wedding insurance provides coverage to your wedding and financially protects you and your family against any misfortune or mishap.

What a Wedding Insurance policy normally covers?
A wedding insurance plan typically covers losses due natural calamities, illness of important people, missing of vendors and closing of marriage venue.

How much does it costs?
It depends on the costs involved and value for which you are insuring your wedding but donít worry as our insurance plans are comparatively cheaper than the market. Therefore, in a small amount you can insure your expensive wedding.

Can I take additional riders on my insurance plan?
Yes, you can. We offer many additional riders like call on national duty, postponement of honeymoon and damage to wedding dress, gifts etc.

How can I buy a Wedding Insurance policy from you?
You need to fill-up an application form which is available on our website and pay through preferred modes like bank instructions, credit cards, direct debit etc.

What if, I need to make a claim?
In case an untoward incident happens or some elements in your wedding donít happen as expected then in that case you need to inform us within the stipulated time. You can inform us by calling in to our customer service numbers wherein our customer service agent will advice you on the future course of action.