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Why Mobile phone insurance?

Can you ever dream a world with out a mobile phone? Most of the answers for this query would absolutely be No. Mobile phone has become a part and parcel of daily communication in our life. Kids, students, working professionals all age group both men and women use mobile phones for communicating with their peers. Earlier the capability of the mobile phone was limited only to making calls and sending text, but with the new inventions like 3g, several options like video calling, video conferencing, blue tooth, camera, Fm Radio, down loading music, playing games, accessing internet and painting came in to existence. This made the common man to utilize these services for performing simple and speedy task.

And these have the operating system as that of lap tops or mini pcs and weighs no less than them. Especially Smart phones like I phone, Black Berry, Android are catching up craze these days because of their unique features that are attracting more number of people to buy. But it is also a fact that most of the mobile phones are lost knowingly or unknowingly due to human activities. These mobile phones are highly priced and when lost could leave you in a state of depression since it is very essential. Protecting the cell phone with Mobile insurance can be a good option. Now you may be thinking what will mobile insurance benefit me? Yes, insuring your mobile will protect you in many ways. There are several insurance companies that offer cover policies with very good options like theft, accessory cover, replacement cover, extended warranty cover, fire damage, liquid damage, International cover, unauthorized calls cover, one month free service etc.

When you purchase smart phones like I-phone and lose them it will create mayhem and a grand bill for you. But if you can insure the mobile phone the insurance company will replace it with other one. But one condition, you must thoroughly go through the manual since few cheap Insurance companies will replace it with second hand one. It is not silly to say that most of the cell phone damages occur due to liquid spilling. It is much common for us to take part in meeting, party wherein unknowingly we may spill the liquid and that damages the screen of the mobile phone. All such incidents will be taken care by the Insurance Company. Also one thing, that if you can cover the mobile phone with its gadget cover, it will save a lot of time and money. There are many offers that include monthly insurance and annual insurance policy at unbelievable prices. You may be thinking if it is really worth in investing amount for mobile insurance but by insuring you will be free from mental tension and monetary responsibilities that you have to face in case the device is lost, damaged or is malfunctioning due to several reasons. So insure your mobile and lead a stress free life.