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AA Breakdown Cover

It can never be fun to have your car breakdown in the middle of the road when you are in a hurry. Sadly, that is how things come to pass most often, and you are left making frantic phone calls canceling or postponing crucial meetings because you can't very well desert your car on any old road and go off to your other work. But if you have invested in Breakdown Cover from the official website of AA, then you can rest assured that will arrive within 40 minutes of your calling them.

Breakdown Cover Levels
AA Roadside Upto 34% £29.00 Onwards
AA Roadside,Home Start Upto 34% £66.75 onwards
AA Roadside,Relay Upto 34% £72.00 onwards
AA Roadside, Relay plus Upto 34% £98.25 onwards
AA Roadside, Relay, Home Start Upto 34% £105.75 onwards
AA Roadside, Relay plus, Home Start Upto 34% £132.00 onwards

There are many reasons why you should be looking at AA Breakdown Cover as opposed to the breakdown covers provided by other providers. To start with, let me just tell you that The is the largest organization in the United Kingdom to deal with breakdown covers. In fact, they claim to be successful at fixing far more breakdowns on the road itself than other breakdown cover providers. Plus, you don't even have to pay the car mechanics that they send over to fix your vehicle. That will be taken care of by the AA Breakdown Cover that you have invested in. The lowest annual membership starts at £43 and if you buy online, you can get discounts of up to 25%.

You can avail of the "Relay" option to get transported to your destination of choice if your car cannot be repaired on the spot. You can also look at the "Stay Mobile" option and get hold of a replacement car for up to 3 days.