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Abbey Credit Card

Want to save money with your Credit Card? Then choose Abbey. Through most credit cards talk about spending, Abbey is full of money saving ideas.

How you can save with Abbey?
  • Transfer credit balance of other credit or store cards and enjoy 0% interest for 13 months. This balance transfer should be affected within one month of opening of the card
  • Avail cash back of £50 on super market shopping
  • In the first three months of usage of card no interest is charged
  • APR at 15.9%
Abbey charges 2.5% on balance transfer as handling fees. Balance transfers cannot be done from Cahoot or Abbey Credit Cards.

The cash back for supermarket shopping comes with certain terms and conditions. Read the terms and conditions available on the website carefully.

Abbey also provides alternative for long term borrowing in form of unsecured personal loan. This can be used for bigger purchases like Car Financing.

Cards can be applied online and there is help available over the phone also.

Choose Abbey Credit Cards and spend and save all the way home.