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American Express Credit Card

American Express of “AmEx” as it is popularly known as has its headquarters in New York. The company has a wide range of financial services right from credit card to traveler’s cheque business.

American Express Credit Cards started in 1966 with introduction of Gold Card; in 1984 they introduced the Platinum card and then the Optima Card in 1987. The most popular product of American Express was the blue card as it had no annual fees and came with a pack of rewards. The company then diversified by introducing products across the globe like European blue.

There are four types of cards on the offer namely original card, platinum, gold and blue. The American Express advantages are:
  1. Earn points for every pound spent
  2. These points can be used for a variety of products and services which include travel, shopping, dinning and entertainment
  3. These points can be transferred for use on hotels and flights.
American Express has Credit Card comparison tool on its website which helps every potential customer find out the right card for himself.

With the advantages of earning points and using the same for other purposes “AmEx” ought to be the most sought after card in the market.