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AOL Broadband

AOL broadband is helping millions of customers with superfast internet over 10 years. It provides its broadband services with wireless router and latest security system. The company provides router free of cost to enjoy internet connection without worry. It is committed to provide fast and secure internet connection at competitive prices. It’s all broadband packages come without the messy wires, so customers can surf internet anywhere in home. The customer will get free CD with complete information on how to install router. Anyone can install router without help of experts because of its simple procedure. This company has United Kingdom’s biggest network and provides its services in more than 85% area of nation. It is well known for its fast and stable broadband internet speed. It offers lot of features with superfast internet speed and best customer service. You can switch with it by following very simple procedure within few minutes.

AOL broadband provides 8 megabytes download speed to open large attachments fast and quickly. With this speed you can download music and movies in very short time. It allows 10 gigabytes download every month from internet at fixed monthly prices. It allows extra download at nominal prices as compared to other providers. It is one of the highest download allowance offered by any provider. It offers complete wireless security to protect your connection with latest WPA system. AOL Broadband allows you to select your own password to prevent other members from using internet. It offers 24x7 hours online support for customers. You can talk online about your queries with customer support team at any time without any cost. The company provides new connection without any connection fee. New customers have to pay only 5 pounds for two months. From third month and onwards, customers have to pay 15 pounds for month as rental.

AOL broadband also provides other Broadband packages such as evening use at comparatively less prices. For limited users, download rates depend on the usage hours of day. If you use internet in night, charges are less. It provides complete detail about its tariff and availability of service on its website. You can find whether service is available or not by simply mentioning area code. The company works with core values of honesty and integrity. For enjoying its services, customers have to follow some basic term and conditions. Violation of these terms will automatically terminate the service. It offers special discount for online transactions. Registered members will get knowledge about new developments by email in advance.