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AOL Landline

AOL is a public company mainly into telecommunication, media and internet industries. AOL was founded in 1983. It was known as Control Video Corporation back then which was changed to American Online in 1991. Finally since 2006 the company is known as AOL. It is headquartered in New York City, US.Though it was founded and traded in US, its service is offered worldwide. Though this company is mainly into internet service, home phone if clubbed together gives a very low cost deal for the customers. AOL is ranked as fourth in 2007 with respect to its contribution in the first 25 years of internet. Right from the beginning AOL was all about common users and was not limited to technical community. They were always into communication made easy for common people introducing graphical user interface and proprietary software for the first time. They were always ahead of their times in evolving the methods and technicalities to offer user friendly services.

AOL offers various package deals to its customers. Home phone calls and line rentals (landline)can also be bundled with other services like broadband services. Most of the offers have first month free talk time. Thereafter the charges are applicable. The good news for the customers is that they don’t have to pay anything for the new connection, which is inclusive of AOL Talk evenings and weekends. It means that the customers can make calls anywhere in UK Landline and pay nothing at all during these times. There is also absolutely no hassle in changing or switching the service provider since the existing number can be retained. Thus there is no interruption in your calls even while changing to AOL.Also one can expect no nasty surprises like hidden charges. The telephone line usage has a monthly fee of around 11.99 pounds but the users get other perks with this connection like 10GB usage with 24Mb download speed and a 4-port wireless ADSL Router. Though initially the customers have to sign a minimum contract of 18 months, customers can be rest assured of their service since they provide support all 7days from 8am till midnight.

Free calls in particular hours make the offer very attractive considering the need of a credible phone service in today’s date. Though the competition is tough in telecom market AOL Landline does all the ground- checks while offering its services. Their after sale support is something the customers would be interested in.