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Argos Pet Insurance

Argos looks at the policyholders difficulties of maintaining pets. The treatment costs of pets after road accidents are estimated at £3,000. Also pets need regular veterinary treatment after injury, illness or accident. As pets are important family members and are cared to like one of them it is essential that they are given proper treatment during these times. Costs are the factor which the pet owners fear Average cost of visit to a Vet is around £280 and some injuries can cost more than £1000*. Hence Pet Insurance provides help during these emergencies.

Argos Pet Insurance offers three different covers namely Silver, Gold and Platinum cover. Silver cover is for 12 months from the start of any pet illness and it covers vets fees upto £1,000. Gold Cover is upto £2,500 for 12 months from the start of illness. Platinum cover offers £6,000 per condition with no limit on the length of treatment.

Policyholder can choose any plan according to his budget. Argos has no maximum age limit for pets. Argos also pays costs of advertising the lost pet. There are Legal and Vet Help lines available.

Premiums at Argos can be paid through Direct Debit. The Annual premium is divided into 12 equal monthly installments. There is no interest on installments. This process makes it easy for the pet owner also.

Argos has a very simple procedure for claims. Argos Pet Insurance policyholder can tell the details to the Argos staff over phone and the office will send a pre printed claim from for signature. The bill can be directly settled with the Vet or can be paid by the pet owners.

Argos is the choice for people looking for the best for their pets.