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Auracall Landline

Auracall is a private limited company which was incorporated on 22ndOct, 2001. The company mainly deals with telecommunications. Earlier the company was known as PT & T Limited. The company got its new name on 28th Dec 2001.

Auracall landline deals in making cheap international calls from landline or mobiles. They have a variety of call plans for landline and mobile users who want to make cheap calls to their UK or international destinations. Some call plans include 39 destinations and monthly rental for a 12 month contract while others dealing in international calls are for as less as 30 days and no monthly rental.

Some call plans are exclusively for permanent UK citizens. Auracall has made the whole process very simple and user friendly. The subscription is made online and then receivers get a confirmation e-mail and after a few days the new connection is established and the users can enjoy all the benefits of low cost calls.

They provide a variety of packages to their customers such as Auracall saver weekend, Auracall evening and weekend and Auracall saver anytime. Auracall saver weekend costs 10.99 pounds with no extra cost. All the calls made in the evenings are absolutely free and they give a contract of at least 12 months. The rates applicable are 1.5p per min in evening and 3p per min in daytime. If there are any calls made which are not included in the package then it costs 10.5p. Auracall Evening and Weekend package costs 1.90 pounds and monthly rent is 10.99 pounds making the total 12.89 pounds. The contract is for 12 months and daytime charges are 3p per min. The calls made in the evenings and weekends are free. There is no extra cost for using Direct Debit or Credit Card. There are no installations required thus there is no need of any engineer visiting your home. Billing is also done by Auracall Landline and UK based customer service team supports the users afterwards. This package is ideal for the people who make frequent calls in the evening and weekends.

The third deal offered by Auracall to its landline users is called Saver Anytime. The package costs 3.80 pounds and monthly rental is the same as other deals 10.99 pounds.The users get the benefit of absolutely no charges during weekend, evening and daytime. This is applicable to all over UK. The catch is that these rates are applicable to only Landline phones and not for mobile phones. Thus itÂ’s recommended that the users check their requirements before choosing a deal or a package for themselves.