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Bad Credit Mortgages

Bad Credit? Looking for a mortgage and nervous about having a bad credit rating. provides you with a range of mortgage providers that offer you with mortgage services even if you have a poor Credit rating.

Bad Credit is becoming a common issue these days and hence most of the mortgage providers have attractive options for mortgages. If you are in need of a bad credit mortgage then is the place for you.

Bad Credit Mortgage is also known as “Sub Prime Mortgages” or “Impaired Credit Mortgages”. You might have a bad credit rating if you have been declared or confirmed as bankrupt earlier or you have not been making mortgage repayments on a timely basis or suffer from credit and debt issues. You may also have a CCJ or a “County Court Judgement” on your name wherein you are in bad books for not making timely payments of utility bills.

We can solve your Bad Credit History problems

Financemate can be of great help to solve all your Bad Credit problems and provide you with an interesting deal. Our team of mortgage specialists provides you with intensive research and convincing solutions as your needs that do not fit in the conventional mortgage products arena.

Our team of experts will guide you to a process to improve your credit rating and provide you with unequalled mortgage guidance.

Mortgage Solutions for Bad Credit

Over the years the Impaired Credit Mortgage market or the Sub Prime Mortgage market which was its conventional name has gone through a lot of improvements. Earlier this market was dominated by dishonest brokers who used to allege lofty fees and commissions. The interest rate charged on the mortgages provided was also sky-scraping. However times have changed now and premium mortgage solution providers have entered this segment proving services at low cost. The deals are fairly priced and the process is less cumbersome.