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Bank of Ireland

The basic means of survival in this tough world is money. From every day necessities like food to the luxuries that attract our attention like laptops. With so many financial hurdles coming in our way a bank is the best place to bank upon and ensure a smooth flow of personal finances.

Bank of Ireland is one such highly organization which is highly committed to suffice your financial woes. It makes all efforts to provide one’s business with personal attention and attempts to give it unique solution that will help propel it to move up to higher ordinates on the economic growth path, reducing unnecessary losses and provide for future reserves and risk diversions. Experts team up headed by a relationship manager to give the business an extra edge over its opponents. Ireland bank strives to provide a holistic experience in banking for business firms.

Online Banking services give a separate account with the bank which allows transferring funds between all the branches of the bank. Same day payments are also allowed along with group payments to a large number of employees at one go. Standing orders can be easily viewed. For paper records account reports may be created and printed. One may go international with a special sterling or foreign currency accounts with the bank-for easy international payments, along with a provision for using external software like excel to create international transaction records.

Accessibility is a big factor when it comes to save/spend money and the Bank of Ireland scores well here with provision for instant access using cash cards and cheque books along with all the post offices in United Kingdom! It scores more brownie points for allowing transactions without restricting one with a minimum balances baggage. Authorized overdrafts are also available at competitive rates that don’t pinch ones pocket although it requires a prior agreement.

In these days of high taxes and soaring inflation it becomes difficult to save money. So the Bank of Ireland offers a wide variety of deposit schemes ranging from just overnight to the annual ones. Special accounts are accessible by means of cheques. And the more you save the more you earn as the bank offers higher interest rate for quantitatively better off customers on the savings ladder.

Fixed deposits require a minimum deposit of £20,000 with an absent upper limit. Interest rate can be fixed depending on ones preferences for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Rates are subject to fluctuations depending on the markets in London. At the end of the term the deposit may be redeposit for the same or shifted to a more profitable option. However a note of caution to depositors-the withdrawal charges are applicable in case withdrawals are made before the cessation of the period.

The Bank of Ireland will be upgrading to Maestro latter this year, this will allow one to use ones ATM cards even outside the United Kingdom. Security is ensured with the new chip and pin system embedded in the cards.