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Bank of Scotland

It is very rightly said that you can ignore the importance of money in your life only if you have enough of it. Money can never be enough and after all that is what keeps this materialistic world running. And one of the surest and safest ways of spinning money is to put your money in banks. Banks only keeps your money safe but also invests and earns profit on your money. This means that they pay you a part of their profit as an interest rate.

The Bank of Scotland is the oldest surviving bank in United Kingdom and dates back to the 17th century. In fact, it is the only institution by the Parliament of Scotland that is still in existence in UK. Something that sets this bank apart from all other banks in Europe is that in spite of not being the Central Bank of UK, it prints its own bank notes. The Bank of Scotland is a commercial and a clearing bank based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Following the merger with the Halifax group, the Bank of Scotland has become a part of HBOS plc.

The Bank of Scotland provides customers with a varied range of accounts including personal accounts, business accounts and corporate accounts. The personal section of the Bank of Scotland offers students with the largest free overdraft facility- an amount of £ 3,000 could be taken at a 0% APR typical. The current accounts with Bank of Scotland could also be a tempting offer for you with about 5.12% AER. The bank offers credit cards with the credit amount at 15.9% APR typical variable. They also put all your budgeting woes to rest with their personal loans at a typical 9.9% APR. In this case you could borrow £ 7,000 at less than £150 per month. The home insurance schemes provide you up to a discount of 35%.

Bank of Scotland believes in keeping you informed about the latest trends in the money market. The savings, investment and share trading that you do could well be taken care of the bank’s investment advisors. In fact, the Bank of Scotland is UK’s number 1 ISA and has a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience in such matters.

A perfect bank is one which takes care of all your needs and your luxuries too. Bank of Scotland reaches the level of perfection with their Travel Money scheme whereby you can travel at your heart’s content without getting bothered about the cash you hold. They offer to you a wide range of currency options. Besides, Bank of Scotland offer you with an option of getting travel insurance for yourself. In fact, you might as well get a 10% discount while registering for Annual, Single Trip or World Explorer Insurance schemes online.

The business class customers get a typical variable AER of 5.38%. The Bank of Scotland rightly punches in a combination of business and pleasure in the banking arena and promises of high quality business.