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Barclays Bank

Money may not be the be all and end all of life, but anyone and everyone would agree that without money the quintessential of life cannot be really enjoyed. And to churn money, Barclays Bank is one of the best banking system. They keep your money in their safe and disposition and spend it at their profit maximizing level, paying you the interest for putting your money in the bank.

Barclays PLC is a major banking house all over the globe and is enlisted as a major holding company in London, New York and Tokyo. According to the Forbes listings of 2007, Barclays is the 18th largest company in the world. Tier 1 capital declares Barclays to be the fourth largest financial service provider. In United Kingdom, Barclays Bank is the third largest bank based on market capitalization.

Barclays Bank, like a true professional service provider, offers options of personal, business, premier and commercial banking facilities to its customers. It offers personal current accounts at absolutely no cost on a monthly basis. The Barclays current bank account can be managed by you either online, over phone or at the branch itself. Facilities of over drafting are also available in Barclays Bank. The EAR typical is of 17.9% at a variable rate. Besides, there are options of a current account plus whereby you could get a 3% AER paid on any amount over £1. This account also offers you a facility of an interest free overdraft up to £300. Above this amount, the interest is charged at a typical of 17.9% that varies with time.

Barclays Bank also offers a complete solution to your loan and insurance woes. They offer you loans at 8.5% APR for homes and 8.9% APR for personal reasons. You can also take up the special payment protection insurance plan which allows you to put your debt woes to rest. In case you want to take up the loan against a mortgage, the interest rate you pay, as expected, becomes cheaper. Barclays provides you with insurance plans that cover everything like home, car and life, besides your business, studies, health and travel.

Unless you have a credit card, these days it is hard to move around. Barclays Bank offers two types of credit cards namely Platinum and OnePlus. Both these cards provide an interest rate of 14.9% APR typically from the opening of the account. For the first three months from the opening of the account, you again do not pay any interest fee. You are not charged any interest rate for the first 14 months from the opening of the account. For the first three months from the opening of the account, you again do not pay any interest fee.

Financial planning is an absolute necessity these days. Barclays helps you in managing your balance of portfolios as well. Barclays Bank expert planners and experts get the right set of product for you, keeping in mind the way you want to plan your life. An informed choice is always better and Barclays assures you with the information!