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BE Broadband

BE Broadband is an Internet service provider in UK often known as BE unlimited or simply BE. The company is a division of the Spanish group that is also known as O2 offering plenty of deals and, plans to its users. It is the first UK Internet group to deliver the packages with downloading speed staggering up to 24 Mbps and, uploading speed with a record breaking of 2.5Mbps. The company was earlier providing the Internet to only selected part of Manchester, Birmingham, London but, today it has rapidly expanded and enjoys over 70% coverage across United Kingdom. It has recorded to be the popular Internet broadband service provider which is now available widely in 1347 UKs telephone exchanges.

BE Broadband performed very strong campaign across UK, winning over the most innovative provider award. It also received the runner’s up prize for the best broadband provider and also for providing the best broadband support. According to the OnePoll survey, it polled second in the best 5 categories, maintaining its eccentric average.

Already super-hit with online gamers, BE Broadband’s fabulously fast ADSL2+ network is presently the largest of its kind in United Kingdom. It allows BE to offer speed up to 24 Mbps over a phone line compared to any other broadband provider. Unlimited downloads are included as standard scheme with every package, as does the free 24*7 customer support. The Internet broadband deals offered are available for both mobile broadband users and home broadband. Under home broadband, there are 3 plans i.e. premium, standard and pro. For those who remain on the move most of the time, can go for the mobile broadband connection. For the mobile broadband the 3 packages are business, monthly pay and pay & go.

BE Broadband believes in simple registration procedures hence; it has made available the registration facility to the several websites from where anyone can seek the Internet connection. For in-detail information about the packages and deals, BE’s official website is listed with all the details, FAQs, customer reviews, product information along with comparison chart of other broadband packages etc. This Internet broadband service has the maximum customer rating of four of five and has the best consumer reviews with their glowing experiences. This is one service which sticks to its word by providing advertised speed. The best part of this broadband service provider is that if the consumer is not content with the advertised speed, it takes the responsibility and, lowers down the rates of its package deal.